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Katafyki Ravine


Photo; Katafyki Main Wall centre section, the climber is on Hole in the Wall.


Height. 120m.

Altitude. 10m.

Routes. 45.

Season. All Year.

Access. Excellent

Walk-in. 0 min.
Water. Yes ( Town pump station in ravine).

Children. Excellent.(River bed sandpit!)

 Katafyki means refuge in Greek, the villagers used to hide there from the Turks/pirates. A ravine about 3,5km from the coastal town of Ermioni with a main face about 130m high, I have explored the cliffs further up and on the other side but as yet no routes there. Parking directly under the cliff so no walk in! All year climbing as the main wall is shaded after midday. 45 routes here of which 7 are single pitch adventure routes,12 are multi pitch adventure up to 5 pitches 123m, 23 are single pitch sport routes and 3 are multi-pitch bolt routes up to 6 pitches 150m. All adventure routes have bolted belays and abseil pistes are equipped. Walk off o.k. in rockboots. Grades 4c to 7c+


The routes.

From some great climbs the outstanding line here is The Red Empire which uncompromisingly goes straight up the midlle of the cliff with a large roof at half height. The first ascent was an onsight trad effort with the roof being an aid section. Now fully bolted  (52 bolts) this is a great roof climb 60m off the ground if you can push 7c+ or more.

Covering a lot of spectacular ground at a moderate grade Zorro has all the makings of a modern classic, plenty of bolts, 6 pitches and 150m long. This one zigzags improbably up the cliff at 6b (5c+ obl.). Before you leave, climb Heroes, 2x30m pitches, solid 6a and probably one of the best routes in Argolis.





Some new routes by those `hyperactive bolters´ from Austria, Josef and Maria Gstoettenmayr, the picture quality is a bit lacking as some came by e-mail. These routes are located left of Savage Man.



1- The Answer

2- The Question 5b

3- Maria´s Traum 5c

4- Sabbatical 6b

5- Savage Girl 6c+

6- Savage Man

Another from Josef and Maria, second pitch extension to At The Edge.5c.


And three more from them to the left of Golden Brown. 




Our other regular visitors, Hans and Jeannette Weninger have produced the following between Hole in the Wall and Sunday Outing;

Rolling Stone 7 bolts 6a 27m

Sticky Fingers 7 bolts 6a+ 27m

Ruby Tuesday 7 bolts 5c+ 27m.

All given 2 stars and knowing Hans  hard graded!

I will produce a photo topo for these when I get some info from Hans but they should be easy to find.