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    Our aim is to provide safe, effective and value-for-money 

rock anchors for climbers, and to function as a „one stop“ destination for hardware, adhesives, accessories and information on safe bolting practice.

We produce the strongest bolts on the market; our designs consistantly outperform all other comparable systems yet tested.

The unique designs of our anchor systems provide sustainable bolting, minimised visual impact and cost effective bolting.

After over 30 years in the engineering industry and a decade of developing and manufacturing bolts as an extension of our marine engineering activities we are now making our products available on the open market.

Thousands of our bolts are in use in Germany, Greece, Italy, France, the U.K. and the USA, providing reliable security to climbers.

Recently selected after an exhaustive test program to equip a major area in the U.S.A. our bolts once again demonstrated their clear superiority over any other system.

Exceptional pull-out strength even in adverse rock conditions, low visual impact and affordability made them the bolt of choice for this customer, why not look through our catalogue and see for yourself why.

Bolt Products, the strongest bolts on the market!

Numerous tests, both in-house and independent, show that Bolt Products bolts consistantly outperform any other comparable bolt systems. Our unique twisted leg design (patent pending) combines chemical bonding with mechanical wedging and provides higher pull-out resistance using polyester resins than other bolts glued in with expensive epoxy resin.

We are the only company to perform dry (no glue) tests on glue-in bolts and publish the results.
This combination of mechanical wedging and chemical bonding, along with the vastly improved glue bond gives strengths considerably higher than required in any climbing application, reassuring to know when the bolts may be fitted in less than optimum circumstances.

Value starts with design.
Our innovative designs set the standard in the industry for pull-out resistance and strength. The unique twisted leg design of our bolts gives a holding power at least 50% greater than conventional designs.
Our one piece Monster Hook lower-off leads the way for absolute safety and unparalleled durability, no moving parts that can fail or sieze and massive 12mm rod to take years of top roping abuse.

All our bolts are designed, tested, and certified for use with polyester resin, a massive cost saving for the customer compared with epoxy resin.

Quality because we care.
We only use and sell top quality materials and products. All our products are routinely tested by ourselves and also independantly. All our products exceed the relevant European standard EN959 and are so certified.

Cutting costs not corners.
We concentrate on the sport climbing market and selling direct allows us to keep our costs to a minimum and allows us to keep our prices extremely competetive while still producing a top class product.

Leading the way to higher standards.
All our efforts to make the best possible bolt rock anchors are wasted if they are incorrectly installed. Elsewhere on our website we provide comprehensive information on installation, anchor choice, rock and glue, in fact anything you could possibly need to know.
In addition to our website we run on-site seminars on bolt installation and testing, the most effective way for bolters learn good practice and to know what systems are best suited to their locality.

Sustainable Bolting

The cliffs we climb on are a finite resource and it is up to us to preserve them for future generations.
The rusting remnants of previous bolting eras are a common and unsightly feature of many older cliffs, the failure of climbers to remove old bolts and instead place yet another nearby is slowly leading to a situation where there are no more sound placements to be found.
Many routes are on their fifth generation of bolts and while the widespread use nowadays of stainless steel bolts will slow down the pace of replacement the problem of what to do in 50 or 100 years is a serious one. Supplying only high quality bolts and developing our diamond core drill removal system is one way we are helping  preserve our rock.

What makes our bolts so special?


For our bolts and lower-offs we use European sourced 1.4301 [AISI304] (A2) and 1.4401 [AISI316] (A4)stainless steel. These grades give a good balance of formability, strength and corrosion resistance. The majority of our other components are made from 1.4401 [AISI316] (A4). Throughout this catalogue we use the AISI and A numbers as these are the most familiar to users.

We also supply sea-water resistant bolts in 1.4462 [AISI2205] to order.

By using AISI304/316 material and paying special attention to the bend radii no heat treatment is required. By cold forming this grade of stainless steel increases in hardness and strength.
Our products are subjected to a two stage cleaning and passivation process. The first stage is a hot water spray/detergent mix to remove any contamination from the surface. The second stage is passivation to ASTM A-967 which removes any surface iron from the material, greatly enhancing the corrosion resistance.This treatment also reduces the unlikely possibilty of galvanic corrosion between these two grades by elevating the 304 to near 316 in the galvanic table.
(We can supply HCR bolts-ins for use in coastal environments if required!)

Our in-house testing regime is far more rigorous than that required to meet the relevant European standard EN959 and that of the UIAA.
We perform repeated high-load testing and cyclic load tests to replicate in-service conditions and still expect our designs to achieve a minimum of 150% of the required strain on final test.